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Fountain Fireworks Santorini

Fountains Fireworks special offers

Fountain Fireworks Santorini

Fountains Fireworks in Santorini makes your wedding event more spectacular. Nothing says celebration more than fireworks! Combine the colors of the sunset and night sky of Santorini with a big celebration fireworks package. It’s guaranteed to give joy to you and your guests on such a special occasion! Furthermore, Your wedding or proposal pictures will be amazing and unique. You can choose from several Santorini firework packages to decorate your big day. Some Santorini Wedding Venues allow for fireworks but some don’t. Feel free to contact us and we’ll give you all the information needed and solutions.

Fountain Fireworks santorini

Ideal for the first dance

The fountain fireworks are ground fireworks. Which means, They go up to a certain height and give an illusion of continuous light sparkles. Among other wedding decorations, the fountains fireworks are a great choice for the first dance! Usually we set them up around the couple and ignite them all at the same time while they dance. In contrast to the big fireworks, These ones give emphasis to something specific such as the couple in the middle! It’s a spectacular sight to see the guests of a wedding gathering around and cheering for the groom and bride. In the end, A wedding is a very special day and should be celebrated to the fullest!

We offer best quality Fountains fireworks that have almost twice the amount of NEC ( actual explosives inside a firework) and while they reach the same height as poor quality they have twice as much flame.

Fireworks Fountains in the Santorini Market are mainly imported from the People’s Republic of China and distributed by four major suppliers across the country for many years now.

They are divided into two basic species in terms of their duration and 4 basic species in terms of their flame height.

The durations currently prevailing in the Greek market are:

60 sec and 30 sec

The height of the fountains is at

6 meters / 5 meters / 3.5 meters / 1.8 meters


Quick Answers –

  • Do you set up everywhere? – Most Places!
  • Who will ignite the fireworks? – We will strictly!
  • How high do they go? – About 30 meters.
  • Will the fireworks be in the pictures? – Of course.

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